セレブレイトメッセージ株式会社(所在地:東京都港区赤坂、代表取締役:神名秀紀、以下 当社)が2019年9月3日から全世界向けにサービスをスタートする、有名人からのパーソナル動画メッセージ提供サービス『セレブレイトメッセージ』に、『株式会社ウィザードリー・エンタテインメント』がパートナーシップ契約を締結し、タレント『ゆうたろう』氏、『加藤智子』さんを第一弾としたキャスト参加が決定しましたので、下記のとおりお知らせします。

■セレブレイトメッセージ 新キャスト『ゆうたろう』氏

 本名、林 克享(はやし かつゆき)。石原裕次郎のものまねを得意とする。愛称は「ボス」、「石原裕次郎」など。


■セレブレイトメッセージ 新キャスト『加藤智子』さん

 2009年「SKE48 チームKII」でデビュー。SKE劇場・TV・舞台・ラジオなどで活躍。

 『セレブレイトメッセージ(Celebrate Message)』(※Celebrate=お祝い)とは、"誰でも・自由に・簡単に"、世界のセレブ、タレント、アーティスト、アスリート、俳優、モデル、文化人、インフルエンサーなど、多くのファンを有するキャスト*(動画メッセージ提供者)へ、パーソナルなメッセージをオファー出来るサービスです。



詳しくは http://cast.celebratemessage.com/ をご確認下さい。

A Dreaming Personal Message from Celebrity Service “Celebrate Message” announces the CAST participation of Yutaro, a wide range of activities with singers, talents, impersonators and MC AND Tomoko Kato, a former SKE48 and currently an actress.

Celebrate Message Inc., (CEO: Hidenori Kamina, Address: Akasaka, Minato ward, Tokyo) announces a business alliance with WIZARDRY Entertainment CO. LTD, and the CAST participation of Yutaro, who has a wide range of activities from singers to presenters, and Tomoko Kato, who is a former SKE48 and actively working as an actress, to “Celebrate Message”.


Yutaro (real name: Katsuyuki Hayashi), is famous for his monomane (impersonation) activities of Yujiro Ishihara. Nicknames are "Boss", "Yujiro Ishihara", etc.
Performs drums and other musical instruments in general, leading live bands mainly with swing jazz as Hayashi also.
Yutaro is also good at singing (of course he is specialized singing in Yujiro Ishihara’s “Yogiri yo, Konya mo Arigato – Night Fogs, Thank You for Tonight). His “Yusen yo Arigato – Thank you for Yusen, the Cable Broadcasting” (a song as Ballers”, which is combination duo with Yuki Ayukawa) won the 33rd Japan Cable Broadcasting Award Music Award.
Yutaro actively works in a wide range of fields such as singer, talent, monomane, and Master of Ceremony/emcee.

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desu.yutarou
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/boss_yutarou

Tomoko Kato

Tomoko made her first debut as SKE48, Team KII. She worked at SKE Theater, TV, stage performances and radio.
Graduated from “SKE48” which has been active for 5 and a half years in September 2014, making her fans feel so sad about her leave.
After graduation, Tomoko is active in the stage, movies, dramas, MCs, etc. using her specialty in dancing and singing.
In 2014, she won the Miss FLASH2014 Grand Prix.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/moco620428
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tomoko.kato.mocomoco

Celebrate Message is a service that gives its users a chance to offer their personal message to celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, models, intellectuals, influencers and CASTs (*video message providers) who are known worldwide.
Through our service “Celebrate Message”, we aim to create an exciting value of good impression and deliver happiness and smile to every User by receiving CASTs video message.
In addition, for the security of celebrities and agents, we announce the elimination of anti-social forces. We also developed the mechanism to prevent the unauthorized use of video and copyright protection.
The service is going to be launch on September 3rd, 2019. We also hold the pre-registration campaign. We are looking forward to having you join us. Please check the details on the official web page: http://pre.celebratemessage.com

Our Website: http://about.celebratemessage.com/en
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/celebratemsg

New CAST participants to Celebrate Message will be announced continuously.

For those of you (Talent, Celebrities, Artist, Athlete, Actor/Actress, Model, Intellectual, and/or Influencer) agree to this project and would like to participate, please access to our official website as a CAST candidate.